Our Turkish actors have a fetish color when dressing. We have analyzed the Look of Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin and None Tuna and we tell you what they intend to reflect with their colors and styles.

Yes, they are all very handsome. And yes, we love them to fallera dresses. That is very clear. But what says of them the clothes they wear? What does it mean to prefer one or two colors above the rest? And it is not worth saying that if it stylizes or the other I do not know what, because it gives the chance that these gentlemen are as they want. Let’s see What the Can Yaman look, Keren Bürsin and Narar Tuna tells us. we will surprise you.

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The Can Yaman’s look: in a fluid and black and white key

If there is something that Can Yaman has very clear is his closet. T -shirts of straps, fluid suits or sportswear, according to the occasion, and Two colors above others: black and white.

Can Yaman, vestido de blanco de arriba abajo en un exterior
A Can Yaman le apasionan los dos colores básicos de la paleta: el blanco y el negro. Con el blanco transmite espiritualidad y armonía interior.

Dressing in black implies Power and a strong personality, but also want to hide from our environment, something that in the case of Can Yaman, always persecuted by legions of fans, makes sense. According to color psychology, white (the other fetish color of can) represents Purity, calm, sincerity and spirituality.

Kerem Bürsin: roasted and gray in code ‘Sporty’

We have thoroughly analyzed the Kerem closet and it turns out that its two favorite tones are The gray and the range of beiges and roasted, although its color palette is wider than that of the protagonist of Dreaming bird . Your style? Casual He loves cowgirl clothes and it is usual to see him with a shirt instead of a shirt when he goes in a suit.

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Kerem Bürsin de medio plano
El gris y los tonos beige son los favoritos de Kerem Bürsin: nos muestran a un hombre tranquilo, en el que se puede confiar y muy cariñoso.

The colors that use the most reveal its authentic me. Beige transmits Balance and inner harmony, as well as gray. But while the first reveals that we are facing a Reliable person, gray tells us about someone’s intelligent, but modest.

Onur Tuna: the one that risks the most

Bright colors combined with other basic ones but, above all, risky looks (and feel like a glove). Onur is one of those men who does not have the biggest problem in which people turn to see it pass. Bucket Modernets of the planet, such as Harry Styles. But what their favorite colors of your personality tell us?

Onur Tuna con una rebeca de colores chillones: verde, amarillo y morado
Onur arriesga con sus estilismos. El rojo y el verde, pero también el amarillo y azul intensísimos, no faltan en su armario.

In this case, we look at two of its favorite colors, red and green. The first transmits Self -confidence and strength, but also Passion and a lot of creative Stimulus. Optimistic of Onur, that in which he feels connected to nature, animals and their loved ones, which is when he is more himself.

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