“I had a difficult childhood, now I want to help children.” This is how the actor explained, in a public appearance, the reason for its foundation, Can Yaman for Children. Can Yaman’s childhood was, without a doubt, the main reason that encouraged him to leave his money and energies in an organization that has it visiting Italy.

Can Yaman con una niña besándole en la mejilla

“Just correspond to the love that Italy has given me to found an association to be close to the people who need it most: children. They have the right to a future with the same opportunities as any other person, ”said the actor some time ago. The hard childhood of Can Yaman has led him to protect this group when his fame and money have allowed him. We have already seen Supporting children with physical or mental health problems, or donating health material through its Can yaman for Children, the same one that currently shelter Your break the wall.

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Can Yaman’s childhood: between immigration and poverty

Can Yaman was born in Istanbul, but comes from a family of immigrants. His paternal grandfather came from Albania and his paternal grandmother, from Macedonia. Therefore, it was A child marked by the fact that he was not one hundred percent Turkish, with all the xenophobic comments that can be derived from there.

Así era tu actor favorito a los tres años.

There were also economic problems: “During the first three years of my life, my Grandmother took care of me , because my parents were not very good at that time. Then my mother started working outside the city and I began to stay with my other grandmother. There was a time when it was not easy ”, confessed.

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Sus primeros años de vida los pasó en los hogares de sus respectivos abuelos.

A privileged physicist who allowed him to study at the University

After so many narrows, Can Yaman, who is an only child, managed to study law thanks to a Basketball scholarship. often remembers its origins, something that reflected starkly in its biography, I also seem strange to me.

Este era el aspecto de Can poco después de dejar la universidad.

That is why you have to understand the reason for their efforts to protect children, now that life has offered her friendliest face. And also the reason that I have done in Italy, his host country: “Italy has filled me with love and this love has made me better person.”

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