We have the images of Can Yaman’s unknown girlfriend who is probably more beautiful than Diletta Leotta or Demet Özdemir.

Can Yaman’s first girlfriend is impressive. And we do not say it, they say the Turkish and Italian digital ones who have discovered those who occupied the heart of Can Yaman as he had his own law firm in Turkey and the simple idea of becoming an actor was just a dream.

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Can Yaman’s first girlfriend

There is no doubt that Can Yaman is a seducer and since he landed in Italy, he has not stopped Falling in love with the Italians (and why not say it, also to the Italians) with his presence in the different works he has faced. First with a soap opera that did not shoot but that is in the bedroom like Sandokan, the multiple commercials in which he has participated as those of Dicecco Pasta, Dolce & AMP; Gabbana, Tudor or Mercedes-Benz shirts and finally ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ the series that co-stared with Francesca Chillemi and together with which it is rumored that they lived a passionate romance.

Shortly after landing in Italy, Can Yaman started a passionate Love story with Dib months.

After the rupture and in an interview in which they asked Diletta by Can Yaman, he acknowledged: “We were two 30 -year -old boys that we met, that we love ourselves, that we tried to live this huge passion. We are both very passionate , maybe Even more than me , and it was all Very fast , very beautiful. ”

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But of course, the files are there to use them and in Crush.News we have achieved images of what was probably her first girlfriend, the spectacular actress and model Bestemsu Ozdemir.

Who is Bestemsu Ozdemir, Can Yaman’s first girlfriend?

Bestemsu is a Actress and Turkish model that maintained a serious relationship with Can Yama n. Born in 1991 she has acted in many series and films such as’ I want my good news’ in 2022, ‘Million One’ (Semra Dundar) in 2021, ‘Father, where are you lost?’ (Ahmet Karaman) in 2018 or ‘The Most beautiful fragrance in the world 2 ‘(Mustafa Uğur Yağcıoğlu) in 2018 or series as at the end of the night in 2022, our secret in 2021, Scorpio in 2020, Paloma in 2019 or anchovy of the Aegean Sea in 2018.

All experienced actress who surely put the bug of the performance to Can Yaman getting ‘awakening the beast’ which is today.

The reason for the break between Can Yaman and his first girlfriend

There are rumors that point out that although the relationship was serious, Can Yaman left Bestemsu when he learned that Had been unfaithful to another man , at which time our Turk He left for Italy after finishing the filming of ‘Dreaming Bird’ next to Demet Özdemir with whom he also had a brief courtship.

There is no doubt that Can Yaman is a seducer who needs to have his occupied heart. Is this the reason why he “feels alone” in Budapest as he rolls ‘El Turco’? We will continue to inform.

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