Hande Erçel was helping to collect funds on the telemarathon organized last Wednesday but a girl’s call prevented him from continuing. Why do we know, keep reading.

Last Wednesday A telemarathon was held collection of funds to help those affected by the horrible earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that had swept the south of Turkey. In the Telemarathon we could see many actors that helped to attend the calls and among those who were Burak Deniz, Serenay Sarikaya, Demet Özdemir or Melis Sezen among many others that Black dresses were an invaluable help to get funds.

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Many of them were with The stories they told them from the other side of the line and could not contain tears, but there is a story that especially touched Hande Erçel and of which < Strong>We have not had news until the actress himself has commented on his social networks and believen, Is very strong.

The call that made Hande Erçel cry

After finishing the telemarathon and already calmer, Hande Erçel told what happened on his Twitter account in this way:

“I did not have the opportunity to share it last night because of the intensity of the transmission, but I just wanted him to stay with me… many children with great hearts called me, but The beautiful yüsra, 11 who broke His piggy bank and donated the assigned budget for leukemia treatment, he moved me “.

But this was not the only call that made Hande Erçel cry. Thus told the actress another moving story: “The only son of 11 years of Uğur Fetih Özdemir, one of our martyrs on February 17, 2016, Donated his pension . Kiss the hands of the parents who raised you . I send you my love. ”

Undoubted others.

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