Locuron! Looking at the recent photographs of these celebrities (by the way, all of them ex Kerem Bürsin) we have discovered that they have a clone out there. And that clone is also famous! Look at Hande Erçel, Serenay Sarikaya and Mehtap Algül and Dinos if they don’t have a loose twin.

That Turkish actors and actresses are a barbarity of handsome is something that we do not need to repeat. You have already seen the feeling that Can Yaman causes where she goes, to give only one example. But today we are going to talk about them. Not for beautiful, that also, but because they have a double famous! Hande Erçel’s resemblance, Mehtap Algül and Serenay Sarikaya with many other celebs has left us impacted. That, without counting that the three have had Kerem Bürsin in their arms, which is another link between the three.

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Mehtap Algül: nailed to a famous Spanish model

The new illusion of Kerem Bürsin is this influencer. Guapísima, blonde and clear eyes, Reminded us a lot in this image to someone, guess who?

Mehtap Algül posando junto a una carretera
Estamos seguros de que ya sabes a quién nos recuerda…

Well, this specific photo has a brutal air to Esther Cañadas. /p>

Esther Cañadas en una foto junto a la playa
¡Chica, Esther, si sois igualitas!

Hande Erçel’s resemblance to one of the most top socialites on the world scene

When we show you some of Hande Erçel’s most sensual images we could not Avoid comparing it with someone you know very well. Here, Hande:

Foto de Hande Erçel con plumas, top corto que deja el vientre al aire y pantalones vaqueros

Well, if you look at your Instagram account in parallel with the Kendall Jenner the resemblance!

Selfi de Kendall Jenner
El parecido de Hande Erçel con Kendall Jenner en algunas imágenes llega a ser increíble. Y sí, esta es Kendall.

The dearest Spanish actress who could be twin from Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya, another of the women for which Kerem Bürsin lost his head (and who, in fact, was about to take him to the altar), published this image with an extreme eyes ahumado in which We He has jumped his enormous resemblance to one of the most beloved actresses of the homeland. here we have Serenay …

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Serenay Sarikaya de perfil y frente al espejo
No solo los rasgos físicos, sino incluso la manera de maquillarse de Serenay nos ha hecho recordar a esta otra actriz.

… And here, a Michelle Jenner with a very similar makeup. Do not tell us that they are not nailed!

Michelle Jenner
¡Qué ganas de ver juntas a Serenay y a su melliza española!
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