In shock we are after discovering that the former Demet Özdemir, Oguzhan Koç, and his alleged boyfriend, Umut Evirgen, have been seen this weekend. We do not know very well what they will have talked about, but what is clear is that there is a before and after this event of which we have evidence.

Este es Umut Evirgen, al que hoy por hoy se considera novio de Demet Özdemir.

The last movement of the former Demet Özdemir did not expect it at all: to see Umut Evirgen, the man who, according to the Turkish media, is his ex -wife’s new boyfriend. The thing is that the encounter has been held, as they say, with light and stenographers, that is, without hiding. On the contrary: There are photos of it. And we have them.

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Why have the ex and the boyfriend of Demet Özdemir be seen?

Let’s recap. Demet and Oguzhan married in August 2022 and Divorced eight months later, last May.

Among other things, they agreed to keep the photos of both as a couple on their social networks for a while, something they have fulfilled … until now. There is no trace of the couple’s images currently in their respective Instagram accounts (few days ago they were still there).

Lo que sube ahora Oguzhan a sus redes es sesioncitas de gym. ¿Le dará fuerte y flojo a las mancuernas ahora que ha vuelto al mercado?

Shortly after the divorce, two boyfriends were attributed to Demet, in this order: the first, Engin Akyürek, his cast partner in Adim farah, and < Strong>Umut Evirgen, a man in the audiovisual world better known in the world than as celebrity, although among his girlfriends is Serenay Sarikaya:

Well, we go to the present. Last Saturday, the Champions League final between Inter Milan and Manchester United (which ended up winning the English team) was held. You already know that Oguzhan is a football forof, especially Fenerbahçe, as we recently told you. Well … it stayed with Umut to see the final. In fact, they were cited in a famous Istanbul restaurant and then enjoy the game together.

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Both were, as you can see, with more friends, and chatting quietly, so only two things are occurred to us: or they are the most civilized ex -partner in the world or the ex and Demet Özdemir’s boyfriend were left to clarify a couple of songs about how to manage your relationship from now on. Anyway, we have been checked.

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