It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg has threatened to close Facebook and Instagram in Europe if they do not let him do with personal data what comes out of the wall. The typical patio bully lantern that regulinchis has come out. Because Twitter users have answered him. And the bird’s network has been filled with Zuckerberg memes, to which more fun.

«How? Do not let me traffic with your personal, European data? Well you take off Facebook and Instagram ». This was the Farol that the Facebook founder (and WhatsApp and Instagram buyer was thrown on Monday. Was people frightened? Not at all. Twitter is bumping from Zuckerberg. these are the best.

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the Zuckerberg memes that Mark would not want to see

yes. Because one cannot jump European regulations as if he were a bandit. The laws are respected, Mark Zuckerberg. And if not, you know where the door is. more or less in these terms they have answered from Twitter.

Mark is a bit Creepy, right?

and before the lantern, the answers have been wonderful.

Of course, there are those who should worry.

Will there be migration to Twitter? These are the answers

That, on the one hand. On the other is the scenario that would leave without these two social networks. Will the orphans of

There are a little more … Happy.

Therefore, imagine what the tweeters of the possible closure think.

Of course, newcomers will have to change their perfect life aura. maybe. I don’t know.

You have to see business.

and those who expand the offer.

But among all Zuckerberg memes before a possible closure of social networks, I keep this:

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