Neither Sandokán nor Sandokana. The back that Can Yaman shows us and in which we can see a lot of wounds and injuries is the one that has remained after rolling ‘El Turco’, whose premiere has anticipated the actor. What a won!

Madre mía, chiquilla.

There are backs and backs. There are those of mortals: listening, with the fallen shoulder, a blanket of hair that has to be to see it in summer … And then there is Balaban Hasan’s back, that is, of El Turk. well, yes, in the middle there are those of some men who half curmen in the gym, but Meh. The Can Yaman shows the war wounds of El Turkish and, incidentally, puts the date of the series.

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An “unconventional” series, in your words

Next to the photo of his lacerated back, Can Yaman adds: “Waiting for an exciting series, for an unconventional character … A top production and I can’t wait.” What does this mean? Well, the series is a point to premiere.

Como imaginarás, Can tuvo que tomar lecciones de hípica para poder bordar el papel.

We do not have the definitive date, but There are two data that suggests that it is imminent: one, which was completed more than three months ago. Two, that after an infinity of post on Instagram talking about his break the wall, we finally see the actor in his sauce. That Can Yaman publishes a photo “After the cameras” of the Series can only anticipate a premiere that we had been wishing for some time.

Why the premiere of ‘El Turco’ is going to be the definitive back (forgiveness) for Can Yaman

Beyond the codes with the piece of back that is spent, The Turk will show us A very physical role, very far from series like Dreamer Bird or Viola Come Il Mare.

Madre mía, chiquilla 2.

The story revolves around Balaban, A soldier of the Jenízaro army, that in 1683, after the battle of Vienna, is installed in Moena, north of Italy, and fight for the rights of local people. Balaban Hasan ends up knowing him in Italy as The Turk. It is a historical character and a war series (in which, do not worry, Is not lacking love tension), so the actor has put a physical currade interpretive who will turn Balaba in the role of his life.

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Greta Ferro es la imprescindible coprotagonista femenina, que aportará el toque romántico (y mucho más) con su papel de Gloria.

By the way, if you have not yet been signed to Disney Plus, the platform in which you can see now The Turk, what are you waiting for?

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