The rumors of a possible relationship between Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya (‘Shahmaran’) increase because of this photo.

Turkish actors Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya are the protagonists of the last Turkish series released in Netflix. This is ‘Shahmaran’, and it is a story of fiction and terror based on a Turkish mythological story about a snake woman.

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The series as it is logical, Is based on mythology but adapts it to a current story in which Sexual tension between the two actors is palpated in each of the 8 chapters of which the series is composed.

From the first day, Hundreds of fans of both have seen a cheeky Downtown among the protagonists but these rumors are now closer to becoming a reality thanks to A photo shared by Burak on social networks where we can see them in a very complicit attitude and in which Serenay’s lips are dangerously close to those of Burak Deniz

It shows that they are very good friends and maybe even Something more but it is not in this photo in which the rumors of a possible new relationship between Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya have jumped

Nor in this other in which it shows that they are doing fool during the few moments of rest during the filming of ‘Shahmaran’

Or in this other taken by Burak itself in which the situation began to go hand in hand. No.

The possible relationship between Burak Deniz and his shooting partner in ‘Shahmaran’ has jumped with the publication of This other image in which Serenay puts morritos very close to Burak’s mouth , which He has led to all kinds of comments from his fans on social networks.

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Remember that Serenay Sarikaya was Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend but at present Is single . The problem of being true this relationship is for Burak Deniz who is currently with The Didem Soyan model. In previous days we already tell you that Burak Deniz Lives on the same street as Serenay , which made the alarms jump again and that we tell you here.

Anyway and be true, Both make a very good couple on and off the screen. We will continue to inform.

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