After a new earthquake of magnitude 6.4 with an epicenter in Antioch, more help is needed than ever. We collect all the means of donation.

On February 6, a brutal earthquake of Magnitude 7.8 that destroyed the south of Turkey and part of Syria for more than two minutes, had a replica time later of 7.6 that continued to destroy the country. Next solidarity throughout the planet was launched Displacing human teams help or economic donations that came from any corner of the planet to try to alleviate the devastation unleashed by the first earthquake.

Today, 14 days later the floor of Turkey shakes again and collapse buildings.

Although this earthquake has been 6.4 degrees, it has finished throwing the most affected buildings but were still standing, unleashing panic in citizens who were in the reception centers and who saw how their life collapsed again .

Turkish actors turn to their country again.

If they already did it in the first earthquake on day 6, on this third of the 20th, all the Turkish actors Have turned back showing the donation channels they have launched.

Can Yaman has a donation line under its association ‘Can Yaman for Children’ which you can go with any help.

Kerem Bürsin also has its own donation line which you can go here or in this post in which he explains how to donate and gives alternative transfer lines.

actores turcos que están ayudando en centros de acogida

To Jennifer Lopez has asked for help for those affected by the earthquake as we tell you here yesterday, through the UNICEF NGO for which it lends its image. You can look at the donation link here.

Can Yaman y Jennifer Lopez juntos

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