It has been a few weeks in broadcast for a few weeks, but ‘Doctor Ali’ has become on its own merits in one of the most acclaimed Turkish series in our country. The secret: an addictive plot, sufficient romantic Salso and a charismatic protagonist. We tell you seven curiosities of Ter Ölmez that you may not know.

Imagen de 'Doctor Ali', con Taner Ölmez en medio plano
Aunque su carrera ya es dilatada, su papel como el doctor Ali Vefa le ha dado, de momento, sus mayores alegrías.

How are the weeks waiting for Saturday as Agua de Mayo? If this is your case, we understand you, because in the writing we are the same. Doctor Ali is a series that catches. If you saw in your day The Good Doctor, that you know is another Remake of the same story. And we say “another” because, in reality, both drink in turn of the South Korean version, called a good doctor. How much do you know about its protagonist? Do you want to know some curiosities of TERner Ölmez, the actor who gives life to Ali Vafa? there are these seven.

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Worked with Serenay Surikaya

This is. TERER and Kerem Bürsin’s ex were two of the protagonists of the Medcezir series, an adaptation of the The O. , something that would not attract attention if it were not because, by then, I was almost 30 years old!

He is married and has a girl

His wife since 2021 is also the actress Ece çeşmioğlu, and both had their, for the moment, only daughter, Zeynep, who has already fulfilled a year. /p>

Taner Ölmez con su mujer en Ámsterdam
Está enamoradísimo de Ece Çeşmioğlu, con quien tiene una hija y junto a la que viajó, tiempo atrás, a Ámsterdam.

‘Doctor Ali’ is the series that has received the most awards

Nine nominations, four of which has managed to convert into a prize, is the palmraés of this young actor. Only one did not cause it Doctor Ali, the series that is giving the most joys.

Taner Ölmez sosteniendo un premio, el Ayakli Gazete TV Stars
Adivina con qué serie ganó el prestigioso Ayakli Gazete TV Stars, que también han recibido estrellas como Kerem Bürsin o Hande Erçel.

In 2023 it premieres movie

The film, whose title is Dumlupinar: Vatan Sag olsun the crew of a submarine that sinks and the attempt of all of them to survive.

Fotograma de la película Dumlupinar: Vatan Sag Olsun
En ‘Dumlupinar: Vatan Sag Olsun’ también da vida a un médico.

Your last series, in Netflix

Yarathilan (creation) is the last series that has shot and its release date is unknown, but we know that it will be throughout this year and in Netflix. Interestingly, Also goes from doctors, although in this case it is set in past times.

One of Taner Ölmez’s curiosities with which we have most freak out: he is a singer!

Like his partner, Onur Tuna, he loves music. But not listening to it, that happens to us all: Toner is the soloist of the Barabar group, a fairly curious group with A music halfway between folk and elegant pop.

Taner Ölmez cantando con Barabar
Mola la música de Barabar, ¡te lo prometemos, que la hemos escuchado!

Do not deceive you fiction: it gets luxurious with Onur Tuna

But of all the curiosities of Taner Ölmez the one that interested us most was his relationship with Onur Tuna. The two actors are enemies in front of the cameras, but behind Life spends jokes and, judging by the photos that upload to Instagram, they are also good friends.

Taner Ölmez haciéndose un selfi en una terraza en la playa con Onar Tuna detrás, mirando a cámara
Onar y Taner se llevan a las mil maravillas en la vida real.
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