She is the most popular reality show contestant at the moment, we all know her love triangle with Rubén and Christofer and now we bring you a selection with the sexiest of Fani. Enjoy the 7 best photos of Fani Carbajo.

She is on everyone’s lips, Fani is a time bomb that when entering a reality show we all know that she will turn on. With Fani Carbajo the temperature does not drop below 100 degrees and everything that is close to it boils or explodes. Hate her or love her, you decide. The only sure thing is that ignoring it is not an option. Enjoy.

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The 7 best photos of Fani Carbajo (number 01 is not suitable for minors)

In number 07 we see Fani Carbajo wearing a leather miniskirt with a matching cap, high boots… it’s perfection, @dabizvk already says: “What a joy of a woman”, there is no better way to define it.

Following we have this photon, the most interesting thing is that we know that she is not wearing anything, very much in the style of Jeny, the one from Forrest Gump:

In photo number 05 we enjoy an elegant Fani, with an evening dress and everything around her with a minimalist touch that makes her shine even more.

We raise the temperature with number 04, the diva on the beach from behind shows her body… erpazo. This photo had such an impact that Fani had to prohibit her comments since they were going up in tone until they called her very ugly things…

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In number 03 we have Fani lying on Christofer, the eroticism implied by the lingerie she is wearing, her pose and mischievous look, it is a collection photo, and the comments are a separate thing.

The comments are the best in the photos of FFani and Christofer xD

In number 02 Fani shows the beginning of her thong in a sexy way. The girl knows how to impress, there is no doubt about that.

Number 01, as we warn, is not suitable for minors. Fani shared a photo with Christofer standing behind her and what she is wearing is practically transparent lingerie! Fans immediately noticed and commented: When you zoom in, you can see EVERYTHING.

Do you want more of Fani Carbajo?

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