Are you or someone in your environment waiting for a baby? If so, you may be inspired by these Turkish girl names based on your favorite series. Take note of its meaning and we also say how they are pronounced!

Hande Erçel y Kerem Bürsin en una escena de 'Love is in the Air'
Eda y Serkan, ¿alguien puede olvidar estos dos nombres?

Turkish girl names are beautiful and Have deep and poetic meanings. We have developed a list of the most beautiful based on the Turkish series, along with their meaning and translation to Spanish. We love them, hopefully start becoming fashionable!

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EDA: The most romantic

Means “the one he loves”, and is the name of the character of Hande Erçel in the popular Love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi) . is a very sweet and romantic name that represents true and passionate love.

Hande Erçel
Eda, el nombre del personaje de Hande Erçel, es sin duda el más romántico de toda la lista de nombres de niña turcos.

Sanem: one of the names of Turks with more spiritual meaning

Means “sky” or “high place”: freedom and creativity, in addition to being deeply spiritual.

Farah: Emana optimism

Means “joy” or “happiness”, and it is the name of the protagonist of the Adim farah series, which is also Demet Özdemir. It is a name full of optimism and positivity.

Demet Özdemir en primer plano
El nombre de Demet en ‘Adim Farah’ irradia vibraciones positivas.

Soye: an empowered woman name

Means “the one that is high” or “the one that is on top.” This is called one of the main characters of the Brothers (Kardeşlerim) series. strong and powerful, this name represents determination and perseverance.

Züleyha, to highlight

Means “the one that shines” or “the one with light”, and it is the name of the character of actress Hilal Altinbilek, protagonist of the series Bitter land (bir zamanlar çukurova). This name concentrates, in addition to beauty, elegance.

Hilal Altinbilek
Su nombre real es Hilal, pero no cabe la menor duda, dado su significado, de que Züleyha le pega incluso más.

Zeynep: one of the most popular Turkish girl names in that country

Means “Beauty” or “beautiful as the moon” . Not only is it the name of the protagonist of Zeynep, looking for her father (Baba Candir), performed by Hande Doğandemir, but is one of the most popular Turkish girl names in Turkey currently in Turkey .

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