A body like Can Yaman’s is not supported by the air, as you can imagine. In addition to submitting it to a hard exercise routine, Can Yaman’s diet is extremely strict. But there are five ingredients that are never missing in their pantry. We tell you what they are and why consume them.

Have you seen the body of the protagonist of The Turk? Ok, reformulum the question: How can Can Yaman have muscles in the muscles? That is a quite unfathomable phenomenon of nature. But, in addition to its demanding sports routines, we have managed to access the secrets of the Can Yaman diet. Take note, because the heroes (television) are forged.

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The Can Yaman diet: balanced, rich in proteins and vegetables and low fat

Yes. What Can Yaman essence is to eat everything … but everything that helps the body to be fit. Vegetables? Welcome all, although the Artichofa is the one you like most (hurry, can, that the season is over). Nor is lean meat, especially that of bird, and especially fish. But Your favorite protein is the egg, that usually eats cooked.

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Of course, from time to time, Can Yaman Skips the diet and gives his whims. How could you live in Italy and not once devour a pizza?

pizza con jamón de parma, fior di latte, tomates cherry y rúcula, la pasión secreta de Can Yaman en Italia
Eso sí, tampoco te creas que se come la pizza más grasienta del local, ¡qué va! Esta es de lo más saludable.

The 5 ingredients that can not be missing in the Can Yaman diet

Take note, because some are the most affordable and surely they are also in your kitchen.

Garlic. As a good Turk, good adoption Italian and, ultimately, good Mediterranean, Can Yaman loves garlic. It usually uses it to season vegetables and fish, and not only gives that unbeatable touch to the dishes, but also has multiple health benefits: it is cardiosaludable, antioxidant (it helps to get old more slowly) and neuroprotective. Long live the garlic!

Omega 3. This essential fatty acid is, above all, in blue fish and nuts. But also in the Extra virgin olive oil, another of the treasures of the Mediterranean diet. Omega 3 is a powerful antioxidant who also protects the heart at various levels.

Red ginseng. But it is also said that Is a powerful aphrodisiac (COF, COF, wink, codazo, saltito, side somersault).

Magnesium. And it is that magnesium not only helps to reduce fatigue, but also Contributes to protein formation (which in turn builds the muscle, you know …).

Water. It is not that it is an ingredient, of course; It is essential for life. Yes, but for Can Yaman it is a religion to hydrate daily. Never drink below the two liters per day.

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