After spending a few days of recovery after their serious operation, no one expected Kerem Bürsin to put back behind the cameras to record these 4 videos. Look at them.

Only A few days before entering the operating room so that they had an album hernia that prevented him from leading his life normally, Kerem Bürsin has done it again.

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Kerem Bürsin as Ambassador of the O.N.G Yuvam Dünya Derneği has led a hand to raise awareness of Turkish society about the consequences of earthquakes in Turkey.

The O.N.G YUVAM DÜNYA DERNEğI is defined as follows:

Yuvam Dünya, we are a group of scientists, businessmen, young activists, artists, entrepreneurs, communicators and volunteers who set out to change the history of our generation in the fight against the climate crisis.

The vision we establish for ourselves; Being a known, reliable, independent and good reputation non -governmental organization that leads the transformation in the fight against climate crisis, is used as a source of scientific data, is referenced.

Our home is with love and respect for the world …

Before the call of the O.N.G and despite the fact that Kerem Bürsin was not going through his best moment (you just have to see how rigid that is in the seat) has not been able to avoid leaking a hand to spread the message of help and solidarity.

“Turkey is a country of catastrophes” , thus defines Kerem Bürsin to a whole country that rests on a dangerous failure that threatens to cause death and destruction at any time. Kerem continues to explain that a culture of solidarity in Turkey is necessary: “We need to create a culture together that allows us to deal with catastrophes. That is why under the direction of the Yuvam Dünyya Scientists Committee we will improve our resilience against catastrophes, ”says the protagonist of‘ Love Is in the Air ’

And while this campaign of solidarity and resilience Expands throughout Turkey with Kerem Bürsin in front, he is convalescent of his last disc herniation operation that fortunately has gone well and that you already We count here. In fact, the last thing we could see of him was that after a couple of weeks he went out to visit his manager Günfer for his birthdays.

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