You already know that the talented actress has also been a model, and it shows. First, for the style that she distills in each of her inns. But second and above all, because he knows how to get ahead of what will take. These are the four trends that Hande Erçel has detected and that they are going to be seen throughout this year. Take note!

The protagonist of Love is in the air not for. Between trips (the last, sadly interrupted) and filming is life. But he always has a hole to show his day to day to his fans. What we did not know (until today) is that, little by little, this year’s fashion has been showing us. There are four trends that Hande Erçel has made his own and that we are going to see a lot not only in spring and summer, but also in autumn.

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The first of the trends that Hande Erçel has shown: black and white

The Black and White is not that it is a trend, Is that it is very tendenc. His collection of the next autumn-winter. Seriously, if you want to fall strongly, apostate everything to one of these two colors or the combination of both, as Hande does.

Posado de Hande Erçel junto a una piscina con trenza

We saw it in the last Oscars. If you don’t remember them, check the red carpet and you will see how lots of actresses were in white, black or both tones.

Posado de Hande Erçel con trenza y un perro sentada junto a una piscina

Second trend: in male code

The Touch Boyish is still stopped, and the actress of Iki Yabanci squeezes it in its particular code: Vest, jacket and shorts. eye: the linen is last too, so if you are thinking of a different and cool look for the temperatures that await us, guide this idea.

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For the cold? Coats or blazers Oversized, also male cutting. Very in the 50’s black cinema wave! Check out the firm The Extreme Collection: Costumes, costumes and more costumes for us.

La actriz junto a la Sirenita de Copenhague para dejar caer su papel: Hande Erçel como sirena de Disney +

Third trend: Track sole moccasins with white socks!

The collegial touch is another of the trends that Hande Erçel has managed to take and adapt to his looks. In Tuscany it has been seen with some Prada Moccasins ; Bear) combined with short white socks, at ankle height:

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es críticas-a-hande-erç

Claaaaar, you’ll say, but for that you have to go in integral target. Well, you are wrong, because these moccasins with socks are the Contrast to a very colorful look:

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es críticas-a-hande-erç

Fourth trend: ‘Glam Jumpit’

The monkey or Jumpsuit has a few seasons in the windows, but attentive, because it comes In glam key to be the most stylish in your night outings. Hande points A fashion that will be a tendency at the end of summer and throughout autumn in its Cut out version (that is, with cuts that leave part of the skin in the air):

Hande Erçel de frente con un mono cutout negro y muy sexy

The trend, taken to the extreme, We have seen it in the Thierry Mugler collection for H∓ m. of course, also in black that, as you know, will flood our cabinets next to the target. Then don’t say we don’t give you ideas for your looks!

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