Tania Déniz and Barranco leave us clues on social networks about their Possible breakup.

We have been for several weeks without news from the new couple formed by Tania Déniz and Barranco . And it is not the first time there is crisis between them. Well, months ago after moving together they had a serious anger that made them consider their relationship. “the reason we got angry was nonsense, then with chulería and pride is increasing until it ends like this” , Tania said in a video of Mtmad. The cause of his discussion simply was that Barranco sold his motorcycle right in the appointment they had to make a Tattoo together .

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Tania Déniz y Albert Barranco confirman su relación - La isla de las  tentaciones

Due to these little Broncas, Tania feels pissed off, overwhelmed and alone, so he uses his Mtmad channel to get all his frustration and explain the discussions he has with Barranco, which are not few. Will have definitively broken?

The three tracks that confirm the couple’s breakdown

We still do not know if the definitive breakup is true, but both have left us very evident clues on social networks where they seem to affirm it.

The clearest of all is that Have stopped following mutually by Instagram . If we are looking for Albert in the followers of Tania Déniz, it does not appear and vice versa.

The Number two track is that there is no trace of both in their Publications or in the Outstanding stories of Instagram. Tania has deleted all the photos with Barranco where they both shared moments of happiness and Barranco has done the same in their profile.

And the last most recent track is that Tania has published a series of Stories these days. One of them expresses his absence in networks with Tears in my eyes saying: “I’m sorry for not showing me much these days, but my face is a poem, I’m not fine and I don’t They like to see me like this ”. The last video that has barely uploaded in less than 24 hours, appeared with Jose Antonio Avilés traveling in which he put: “my handkerchief of tears these days.” P>

If we join the puzzle pieces, the conclusion they give us is that they have left it. In spite of this, it is only a theory, and in the next few days either of the two will confirm it.

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