We love Cansu, things as they are. Although lately it is a bit missing from the map, we are still expectant any news that arises over it, and even more if we can cool a beauty trick. Well, Cansu Dere has given us the three keys with which he maintains that soft and smooth skin and this year he will meet the 43!

Muerte de Cansu Dere

Look that things have happened to this creature so far this year and there it continues, standing and resisting. And, above all, how does tired dere To maintain that skin at 42 and more when it has gone through a fire, an accident that caused me to carry crutches and even food poisoning in a very Little time? Well, we have managed to know the three tricks that follow To have the complexion as if it were about twenty.

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Water: A lot of water, recommends tired to improve the skin

One of the most obvious tricks, but that operates: tired drinks a lot of water a day. Hydrate inside also affects the skin, which reacts positively when we give it the liquid it needs. How much? No less than two liters per day. and eye, because if the water (which you can also take in the form of infusion, if you make it ball) moisturizes, The alcohol dehydrated. that is, that those little beers of the weekend that you take thinking that they add, the truth is that they subtract.

No sweets

“I have never been interested in sweets, not even as a child”, affirms Tentu Dere, that even with the washed face it shows skin without imperfections. Man, that is a tremendous advantage (that you do not like sweets, we want to say), but if you can’t resist, try to be very counted and, whenever you can, That this sweet is fresh fruit. everything is for a beautiful skin.

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Cansu Dere cuida su piel a tope siguiendo unas pautas relativamente sencillas.

Balanced diet, but very rich in vegetables

“I hate diet; However, I love vegetables and always choose hypocaloric foods, ”he acknowledges. And in the end it is about what we eat feeds, and Maintain a healthy relationship with food. That’s why Cansu costs so little to opt for light foods. But it’s not so easy, dear!

Of course: what we can do is that, every time we feel like a nursery, we replace it with a light snack: A carrot, a tortita of integral rice … now, it’s a matter of strength of will.

Of course, the definitive trick of Cansu Dere with your skin is … genetics

“I have to thank my ancestors to have an enviable skin,” he acknowledges. Oh, friend, but that’s not a trick, it’s a lottery! What the actress assures us is to hydrate and eat healthy are guarantee that our complexion will improve in a matter of little time. Well, we will have to wear.

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