Has just started the 2023 survivors edition and Twitter has already been filled with trunk memes. Look at them.

We do not know this edition if it will be the best, but what we do know is that for many people it is The most unknown edition because they don’t know anyone! We seem a bit exaggerated to say that they do not know either Raquel Mosquera or Adara, but we can understand that they do not know the rest because well … Let’s see.

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The rest of the participants are: Isa’s couple’s couple, Asraf Beno; the ex -participant of ‘Children of Dad 2’, Patricia Donoso; The mother -in -law of Anabel Pantoja, Arelys Ramos; Ana María Aldón’s daughter, Gema Aldón El Neprino de Pocholo, Bosco Blach Martínez-Bordiú; the children of Raquel Bollo and Chiquetete, Alma Bollo and Manuel Cortés; the winner of ‘Insiders’, Raquel Arias; The ‘Instagramer’ Jonan Wiergo, the ‘Tiktoker’ Ginés ‘Corregüela’, the Paparzi Sergio Garrido; the former Spanish team of Rugby, Jaime Nava; The participants of ‘The island of temptations’ Diego ‘James Lover’ and Katerina Safarova, and the Italian model of Ukrainian origin Artur Dainese.

Okay, seen that way, we understand that Some name is escaped , but what we assure you is that They will give game or at least, they will give meme …

The funniest memes of survivors 2023.

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