The passage of the actress of ‘Love is in the air’ by Cannes has left us unforgettable images, but also a detail that has not gone unnoticed. The rival of Hande Erçel who is sweeping in Turkey has also shadowed her in Cannes: while Hande attended her advertising commitment, this other actress has attended two. And apparently they are jumping sparks.

Yes, guys, girls. We have tension in the world celebrate Turkish. It turns out that a rival has come to Hande Erçel and, if they already had him regular in Turkey, the country of both, In Cannes has broken out the mess. Advertising image of a famous ice cream (VAAAAAL, Magnum) and its competitor has arrived to be the image of two different products. Uy, oh, oh.

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Thus the rival of Hande Erçel the Red Carpet de Cannes

The actress in question is called Esra Bilgiç and may be familiar to you because we talk to you when the terrible earthquake that ravaged Turkey. She is a beautiful 30 -year -old woman who has had Two commitments in Cannes. the first, with the famous brand of coffee machines that has George Clooney as an international image.

The second, for a jewelry firm. To show off his magnificent pieces he chose a Dressed very Gilda that he can’t be better:

Why there is tension between the two actresses

We imagine that everything is professional jealousy. Both started more or less at the same time, back in 2014. of Hande we already know his professional tour. Esra, on the other hand, has participated in series such as Ramo and is one of the protagonists of Diriliş: Ertuğrul, a series of historical type.

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But one of those series that will burst it in Turkey is being prepared and we suspect that throughout the world. It is called Atatürk and will tell the life of one of the great historical characters of that country, if not the most important: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, known as “The father of modern Turkey” . Well, Esra is the female protagonist of this series: Will give life to Madame Corinne, a cultsy woman with whom Atatürk maintained a confusing relationship, halfway between friendship and love .

Who wouldn’t want that role for himself? In fact, Is a candy where apparently, they have fought numerous actresses. And apparently Hande, who considers herself much more famous than her, has it regular. Will it become an enmity between them? We hope not.

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