Find out what Tamara hat has spent during the photocall of the idol awards held yesterday in Madrid.

Yesterday the Idol Awards were held . The agent to reward the most important influencers of the year and recognize their exhausting work as creators and content creators. The event that is not exempt from criticism and that this year seems that ‘has punctured’ in the number of attendees and media impact however is on the mouth of all because of an guest: Tamara Happy.

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And it is that Tamara hat Decided to appear to the idol awards of this guise.

With a lies bald and a yellow jacket suit was planted in the photocall with a smile from ear to ear but …

What was disguised tamara hat?

Apparently the model wanted To pay tribute to the women of cancer sick and neither short nor lazy planted a false bald and thus dressed Went to the gala of the idol awards.

So happy she explained it:

And of course, the Anger and indignation soon arrived in comments that accused Tamara hat of Frivolize with a disease as serious and harmful as the cancer that snatches Life to thousands of women every year in our country.

An attempt to make visible a disease that came out totally to Tamara.

And to take some iron to The tamara leg picadura : Tamara swimming hat.

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