Find out of the couple of ‘The island of temptations 6’ that has lied to you and the producer and that can make the contest jump through the air.

My mother how is this sixth season of ‘The island of temptations’. Every Monday we face a program that although it has a foreseeable and repetitive format, we love it because true magic is in its contestants so different and fun.

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If we have already shown you to a pair of bisexual tempting and fond of the trios and that are called the same, or the first trans contestant who is also suffering harassment in networks, a live fainting of Elena, one of the brides That after seeing the images of her boyfriend with another, she could not fell down or the filtration before the program of all the couples who will be unfaithful, today we bring you Another bomb but that we We fear that it will not be very funny because You are being cheated.

The couple of ‘The island of temptations’ that has lied to you

The scandal comes from the ‘Socialité’ Telecinco program that has discovered a fact that will leave you with stone since the boyfriend couple formed by Alejandro and Laura are omitting important information for the development of the program. P>

It turns out that one of the tempting of this edition of ‘La Isla’ is a friend of Alejandro since they met in the same beauty pageant in which Samuel Matabuena participated, a tempting also of this edition with which Alejandro did very Good crumbs forging a personal friendship that lasts until today.

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So much so that the two even appear together in several images of their social networks like this.

Samuel Matabuena is now The couple formed by Alejandro and Laura .

The trio formed by Samuel, Alejandro and Laura has lied to the organization

We still do not understand what has led them to lie to the organization and omit that they knew each other but since it is logical, everyone begins to question questions as the same ‘socialité’ program did that affirmed “now Samuel could try steal Alejandro’s girlfriend ”, which would be a real fantasy that would make this sixth edition earn the appellation of The best edition of all of ‘The island of temptations’

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