A couple of days ago the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin had to undergo a disco disco operation to solve the intense back pain he suffered. We tell you the last hour of him.

The protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has been suffering Terrible back pain that prevented him from developing his life normally for several months. We do not want to imagine how Kerem Bürsin’s life will have been during the harsh working hours in the aid centers during the earthquake that Has razed the south of Turkey on February 6 but not even dead of Dolores had suspected what was happening to the actor.

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Kerem Despite the pain , he has managed Disco hernia.

Many other Actors and athletes have also suffered or suffer discals , so it is a fairly common although painful. Famous as Harrison Ford , George Clooney , ‘U2’ or Javier Bardem know what a Disco hernia, its subsequent operation and recovery and now you also have to add to the list the protagonist of ‘Sen çal Kapımı’, Kerem Bürsin.

A ailment that has been produced by the crossfit that he practiced

In crush.news we usually show Kerem practicing this sport. From ‘Tire Smash’ routines to boxing, skateboarding, through all types of Crossfit exercises. Kerem loves sport, but this time you will have to stay away from it For at least 3 months.

To operate a discal Hernia there are several methods but the least invasive is the Lumbar microdisctomy that allows patients to be hospitalized only 24h to 48h so we suspect that this It is the type of procedure they have done to Kerem. The bad news is that The recovery time of this operation is quite long being able to reach the 3 months without being able to exercise any kind.

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That he cannot exercise does not mean that he cannot make normal life, in fact in this type of operations, the gradual incorporation of normal life habits is recommended so Kerem Can work, Exit, continue rolling his next series ‘An unusual story’ or stay with his ‘possible’ last conquest, the lawyer Busra Akture to dance. Of course, CrossFit Nothing at all at least 3 months.

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