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With the premiere of the second season of “Viola Come Il Mare”, fans of the series look forward to the new plots and turns that will be presented in history. But what can be expected of this new season? How will the rumor of a possible sentimental relationship between Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi to the plot?

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“Viola Come Il Mare” has been a success in Italy and throughout the world, and has been praised by the interpretation of its actors and chemistry between the two protagonists, Viola and Matteo. However, it seems that the Real life problems could be affecting the relationship between the characters played by Yaman and Chillemi.

Recently published In Chi magazine that Can Yaman was involved in an affair with Francesca Chillemi who plays Viola in the series. During the filming of the first season, Can Yaman did not say goodbye to Francesca in the SET, which caused rumors about the future of the series and how it will affect the possible tension between the two protagonists to the second season.

The situation is delicate and it is unknown how it will be handled during filming, but what is certain is that the future of “Viola Come Il Mare” is at stake. Fans of the Series expect this not to affect the plot and chemistry between Viola and Matteo, but only time will say how the situation will develop.

All those who know of the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’

Meanwhile, the producers of the series have promised a second season exciting and full of surprises. The plot will continue to focus on the love story between Viola and Matteo, but also Will present new characters and situations that fans will not want to get lost.

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The series has been a success for sexual tension between the protagonists, their humor and drama, and it is expected that the second season Will follow that line . Fans of the series can expect to see more adventures of Viola and Matteo in the beautiful surroundings of Sicily, as well as knowing new characters and facing new challenges.

The series is inspired by the novel of Simona Tanzini ‘Do you know the summer? to the new episodes? It is early to know, the trailer has not yet been published but surely Will be available in Canale 5 as in the previous case, two months before its premiere.

The list of actors who will add to the second season is like this: Viola Vitale will be played by Francesca Chillemi; Francesco Demir – Can Yaman; Raniero Sammartano – Romano Reggiani; Claudia Forensi – Simona Cavallai; Turi d’A agata – Giovanni Nasta; Santo Buscii – Davide Coco; Alex – Mario Scerbo although we still don’t know new members for the second season.

When will ‘Viola eat il mare’ be shot?

The beginning of the filming of ‘Viola Come il Mare’ is expected to start in the summer of 2023 and the new episodes can arrive between 2023 and early 2024. Meanwhile, fiction is available since March 1 in streaming In Netflix and is located in the Top 10 of the most seen titles. If you want to see it before its premiere in our country, here we tell you how.

The second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ promises to be exciting and full of surprises, despite the Delicate situation between the two protagonists that even led them to stop continuing on Instagram. Fans of the series may be sure that they will be presented with a Exciting plot and a drama full of romance and humor.

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