We are going to tell you a fun way for which Hande Erçel can call you on the phone. You do not believe it? Keep reading.

Hande Erçel is the Turkish actress famous for her role as Eda Yildiz in the soap opera ‘Love is in the air’ who together with Kerem Bürsin fell in love. And as for us everything that we do or says of it we love, we bring you the way you have Hande Erçel’s phone and you can talk to her. Or rather, the way she calls you so that or ask for her next projects or have a video call that will leave all your crazy little friends. We tell you.

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Get you to call you Hande Erçel on the phone

You can get all this fantasy with the app ‘Hande Erçel Fake Video Call’.

An Android app that will make Hande Erçel appear on your phone and seem to make you A real call except for one thing, which is not …

The app works like this: program the application, leave your mobile on the table when you have stayed with friends and wait for Hande Erçel, the prota of ‘Love is in the air’ Make you a call . Look at the faces of your friends and friends and Gózatelo. You’re welcome.

According to the description that appears in the Google Play Store: “Hande Ercel Fake Video Call is an application that helps you receive a false call from Hande Ercel. With this False video call of Hande Ercel you can receive a false call simulation and real voice of Hande Ercel and also simulate a real video of Hande Ercel. You can use this application to spend a fun time. ”

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This will be the fastest and fake of having a conversation with Hande Erçel. You will tell us what tells you …

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