Kerem Bürsin is to talk a lot with ‘Ya çok Seversen’, the series that stars together with Hafsanur Sancaktan, and which reminds us of ‘Los Serrano Thanks to these two new new ones signings we did not know. Soon you will know why.

It continues with total normality the filming of And çok Seversen, that can soon be seen in Kanal D (and that we tell you how you can see in Spain). The new series of Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktan promises chemistry and first -level sexual tension, but they are not alone: we have already met Two new signings that, due to the role they have in the plot The Serrano. Are we facing an apocryphal version of that Telecinco series?

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The two new signings of the Kerem Bürsin series that remind us of ‘Los Serrano’

It is important that we focus, first of all, in the plot of Yçok Seversen. In it the two protagonists give life, respectively, to Ateş Alaca (Kerem Bürsin), a rich heir (and because of the inheritance, entrepreneur) and Leyla (Hafsanur Sancaktan), the babysit little ones. These are just by the father, who Married in second nuptials with another woman and that Kerem Bürsin’s character goes to guardianship.

But eye: unlike Eda in Love is in the air, which was a light of light, Leyla is a scammer that is made through Babysitter. This is He adds a lot of spicy to the plot. And you are the romantic tension among the protagonists, there is another no less interesting, and that is where these two signings of the series enter. One of Kerem’s sisters in fiction, Ilgaz, falls in love with Barış, another teenager like her. Well, Barış … Is the younger brother of Leyla, the character of Hafsanur Sancaktan! The actors who give them life are, respectively, Lara Aslan and Durukan çelikkaya:

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You don’t tell me that this of Different matches within the same family is not The serrano in Turkish version …

There is less for the premiere

While we are renovating novelties of And çok set three weeks. We are in the chapel and we cannot have more desire for the new Kerem!

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