Yes, yes, that is very good, blah, blah, blah, blah. Blah. But that is obvious, whether or not it is fans of his. What is more difficult to demonstrate to those who do not follow their career is that, in addition, Kerem Bürsin is a huge actor, which dominates lots of records. We have five ways to prove it.

We met him (almost all and all) in Love Is in the Air, and may be in our hearts forever Serkan, the incredible, beautiful and romantic Serkan. But today I am going to put the film and television critics suit to demonstrate why Kerem Bürsin is, above all, an actor like the cup of a pine. P’allá, Carlos Boyero, I’m going.

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1. Kerem Bürsin sings excellently well

The most fascinating Kerem is that he not only interprets (and very well), but is also extraordinarily versatile. As you know, he lived for many years in the United States (hence his English is unbeatable), but he also sings much better than good. So much, that every time he gives him to sing he jumps the rumor that he will get record.

fotograma de Susurra si me olvido

I would not rule it out, because in fact in Texas he had his own rock group, but speaking of Kerem’s versatility as an actor there you have the musical he starred in, Whispers if I forget. P>

2. It has a chemistry for the romantic plots that few interpreters achieve

That is another: not all the beautiful ones also achieve that chemistry that he has shown to have with his partners in fiction. Well, and in non fiction. We just have to evoke any image of Love is in the air to verify that he has an extraordinary chemistry with his partners.

In fact, it has been precisely that chemistry that has quickly found the perfect couple in their next series, Gün işığım . Hafsanur Sancaktan is very lucky.

3. Kerem Bürsin is also a great comedy actor

Kerem’s comic is another easily demonstrable facets. Any of the stories that publishes distil sense of humor. But, whenever someone gives him a role of this type, however small, he takes it without thinking. Do you remember when I made this cameo in To all train 2?

4. Your physique enables him to make action characters

Strike explain why a privileged physique has to make action cinema:

In fact, his next work pending premiere is part of this genre. And we are already looking forward to the tooth!

5. And finally, Kerem Bürsin is also a great actor of terror!

What, did we have any genre to try Kerem? Well yes. Because Kerem also moves like a fish in the water (or as a vampire in the blood) in the horror genre. Immortals, which went almost unnoticed, has been rescued by Netflix and has become a series of cult in which you can see your favorite actor biting necks. And none is ours. Snif.

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