The recent appearance of the ‘Aile’ actress in a program transmitted by YouTube has left Fandom fascinated. She talked about boyfriends, and how! Serenay Sarikaya’s confession about a love of the past has not gone unnoticed for anyone: even for Kerem Bürsin.

Serenay Sarikaya’s confession about a love of her past in front of the cameras has us Trying to fit all the pieces of a puzzle that is increasingly complicated. On the one hand, she and Kerem Bürsin were couple years ago. Then, the actor matched with Hande Erçel. Today, both are separated: she goes out with Hakan Sabanci and he lives a new illusion with Mehtap Algül, a beautiful influencer. Serenay, meanwhile, does not currently have a known partner, but the latest events have made us think of something like an attempt to reconciliation with someone from the past.

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Primer plano de Serenay Sarikaya
¿De quién estaría hablando Serenay?

Serenay Sarikaya’s confession about a love of your past on YouTube

The Aile prota underwent questions in a YouTube program and, of course, love jumped to the fore. “There was a time when I said I would stop acting for love,” she confessed. And he added that If that person told him “come to me,” he would go.

cancelada la serie de Serenay Sarikaya

Of course, the networks began to make all kinds of cabals on the person of their past to which Serenay was referring. Who stole her heart in such a way that she wants to recover it? Did you talk about Kerem Bürsin?

It is speculated by three names right now

The true Serenephilos At this time three names, although one seems the most feasible:

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Kerem Bürsin y Serenay Sarikaya posando como modelos
  • Kerem Bürsin. Con él llegó a estar cuatro años y hasta comenzaron a planear una boda que, finalmente, no sucedió. Además, la muerte de uno de los perretes que adoptaron juntos podría haber propiciado cierto acercamiento.
  • Cem Yilmaz. Después de romper con Kerem, este comediante le robó el corazón. Estuvieron cerca de un año, entre 2019 y 2020. La diferencia de edad (él roza los 50 años) podría haber sido uno de los motivos de la ruptura.
  • Çağatay Ulusoy. El coprotagonista de Medcezir fue pareja de Serenay también en la vida real. Aquel romance sucedió a lo largo de 2014.

Verdict? Those who know Serenaya well say that there could be a Approach between her and Yilmaz, who she has begun to continue on Instagram after stopping. What will be true? We will continue pending this cool of real life that every day catches us a little more.

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