Here you can see ‘Adim Farah’, one of the strongest bets of the Turkish Fox chain that stars Demet Özdemir (‘dream bird’) and Engin Akyürek.

Yesterday the one that will be The revelation series of this March in the Turkish Fox chain. Based on another American series called ‘The Cleaning Girl’. The series tells the story of a mother who, for defending her sick child

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Where to see ‘Adim Farah’?

The series has all , action, suspense, drama and of course, romance between one of the most charismatic couples of the Turkish dizis such as Demet and Engin.

Adim Farah - Capitulo 1 Completo HD

As we said yesterday, it premiered and although It has not been an overwhelming success, can be considered a first -chapter Premiere more than worthy for the help situation Humanitarian through which the country that has just suffered several earthquakes since February 6.

has just suffered.

The series that will broadcast its first chapter Several days and in several different chains for a week , has obtained some more than worthy data in issuing its first chapter.

And since we are some Restless asses and we cannot expect to be doubled and it will be released in our country, here we bring you A link so that you can enjoy how we have done of the first chapter of ‘Adim Farah’ (‘They call me farah’) in streaming. You’re welcome, flat.

See here first chapter of the new Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek ‘Adim Farah’ (you have to click on the play icon in the image)

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