Mediaset has just announced that it returns ‘the island of temptations’ in their sixth edition but fans to unanimous have criticized this detail.

Yes, Return ‘The island of temptations’ sixth edition. I eat? What have a few days ago that the fifth edition was issued? Yes, it is true but it seems that Mediaset willing to do anything for a little audience , is repeating competitions one after another regardless of the criticism or audience.

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Under the slogan of “Did you have seen everything? And of course, fans and not so fans have run to comment on something that is evident:

vuelve 'La isla de las tentaciones'

Some say that Are tired , others that Are going to load the format , others say that No one sees it anymore and in general , surprise and strangeness for having issued this format with less than a month of separation, flood Twitter comments.

Return ‘The island of temptations’ (again)

We all know and so we tell you here, that this format is recorded in some villas in Samaná in the Dominican Republic and that To optimize resources and expenses, two consecutive editions are recorded .

The first we have just seen it now and from which we still remember which Javi with his lies in terms of his age, when another edition appears for the horizon in which according to the chain, “we have not yet seen everything ”.

And it is that ‘The island of temptations’ is not the only reality that is repeated a few days after its completion, ‘nightmare in paradise’ just returned to our screens Without anyone asking it doing even lower audiences than with the first edition.

Of course, its presenter, Sandra Barneda already warned us visibly altered in her day that we were going to freak out with season 5 and the 6th of ‘The island of temptations’ because it was a very hard format to shoot and was very happy with the result. Well, to see if it’s true.

During this week it is expected that Telecinco is announcing to the New participants in ‘The island of temptations 6’ and we already tell you, that we as good fans of the format, we only hope that Fulfill your slogan and this time since they repeat format, we are really surprised.

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