Can Yaman on ‘The island of celebrities’ is the news you need to read today and is sweeping in Italy. We tell you all .

The format of ‘The island of the celebrities’ is an old acquaintance for all. In it, a group of celebrities try to ‘survive’ on a desert island while they have to overcome a series of tests that will eliminate them until only one is left. In Spain, this format is called ‘Survivors’ and is the King of Telecinco and is presented by Lara Álvarez who in each edition moves to the island to be directly during the tests.

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Can Yaman on ‘The island of the Italian celebrities’

This year 2023 it seems that in ‘isola dei celebrities He joined the island in its live emissions.

The actor who has just appeared in the Canale 5 ‘program you have an email’ would be closing the agreement with this chain to be One of the protagonists of ‘La Isla’ this year as reported Nuovo TV magazine.

Can Yaman’s demands to present ‘The Island of the Famous’

But be careful, the program that will be issued during this spring from Honduras, has encountered the High economic demands of Can Yaman that aware that their prestige and fame rises in each project to which Face, has decided Put a price quite high to its appearance on ‘The island of the celebrities’ .

Can Yaman are piled up the projects. How will you do it?

And is that Can Yaman is currently in Budapest rolling ‘El Turco’, a blockbuster for Disney+ that will end at the end of March and after which he planned to start filming the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare ‘.

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We do not know how Can Yaman fit all the projects that it is waiting, taking into account that it also has ‘Sandokan’, a series of action based on the novels of Emilio Salgari and a multitude of commitments to shoot commercials for brands. P>

Undoubted The professionalism of our ‘dream bird’.

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