The interpreter, who is in full promotion of ‘Actress’, has published a story that has left the bizcos to the most conservative sector in Turkey, his country of origin. Pinar Deniz’s selfi also baffled us, the truth: by daring and transgressive.

The interpreter, who has previously starred in series as family secrets, has accustomed us to go a little step ahead of the traditional Turkey, but about a few days ago he surprised us. Perhaps that is why Pinar Deniz’s selfi did not go from the Stories, where everything disappears faster, and did not get to the Instagram feed.

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fotograma de Actriz, donde vemos a Pinar Deniz tomando una foto y ella está manchada de sangre

Why is Pinar Deniz’s selfi so transgressive?

Easy. Turkey is one of those countries in which LGTB rights are not precisely the order of the day. Often, The people of those groups suffer violence and harassment, and any gesture in that direction, however small, marks a lot to every celebrity to do so. Hence, this Piniz Deniz self has surely caused a stir among the most conservative Turks:

La verdad es que parece totalmente real.

Yes, it is true that making a selfi with a mustache does not seem much. But in a country like that, where “girls do girls” and vice versa, Has much more significance. next to the photo, Pinar writes “Dönüyorum”, which means something like “I’m back.” fun, of course, no one wins!

All ready for the premiere of ‘Actress’

In another order of things, Pinar is already counting the days to premiere Actress, the Disney Plus series that, without a doubt, Will mark a before and after In his career and that many reminds of Tarantino’s cinema.

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Fotograma de Actriz en la que la vemos con una lata de gasolina y completamente elegante, pero manchada de sangre.

The May 31 reaches the screens of that country and, depending on its reception, the platform will decide to do it international or not. So nothing, we are crossing our fingers so that you like it very much …

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