Has everything, at least in appearance: he is young, beautiful, talented and very successful. In fact, the protagonist of ‘Family Secrets’, which we could see on Antena 3, is one of the faces that are pushing more strongly in the panorama of the Turkish series. However, Pinar Deniz drags a series of psychological problems that he has decided to talk once and for all.

Está a puntito de estrenar su serie estrella en Disney +, ‘Actriz’.

This week, Disney + Turkey premieres Actress, the series that stars and on which he has been talking in the presentation, together with the director and the rest of the cast. As we tell you, it is a Series with a little girl to the Tarantino and where she plays a Celebrity famous day that, at night, is a serial killer. And that on top of that has no problem in blood pringadite:

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fotograma de Actriz, donde vemos a Pinar Deniz tomando una foto y ella está manchada de sangre

The psychological problems of Pinar Deniz that continues to drag today

We refer, of course, to his character in Actress, not Pinar. Because she has recently confessed that “when I was in high school I didn’t look at me in the mirror. I looked ugly. ” This disorder suffers, for example, Megan Fox. “I still feel ugly today,” confesses Pinar. “It doesn’t happen to me as before, but it still happens to me.”

You also have food problems

A journalist asked Pinar Deniz when it was the last time he cried on hunger, and the answer was shocking: “I’m always hungry. I can always cry because I want to eat all the time. ” and added: “I don’t remember, but my friends often comment that once, in a mall, they wanted to take a walk and I sat down to cry because I just wanted to eat. In fact, I was in a camp to control this disorder. On the second day I had eaten all the chocolate I found. ”

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We like that an actress like Pinar has the courage and courage to explain her traumas, and that he encourages to speak openly about the Mental health. ole for her!

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