This image of Hande Erçel (‘Love is in the air’) and her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci under a northern dawn, smells at the wedding. Look at it.

The couple formed by Hande Erçel (‘Love is in the air’) and businessman Hakan Sabancı, whom we could see at the airport just around their vacations in Paris Confirming their relationship when asked about The reporters , this time they went to Finland to seal their commitment under a northern dawn. An impressive image of the couple kissing under One of the most peculiar light phenomena of the planet and that is undoubtedly the most step for a relationship that could have been produced in secret more than 6 months. P>

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Before starting his love story with the owner Hakan Sabanci, Hande Erçel was with Kaan Yildirim but the story did not last long due to an infidelity with actress Pinar Deniz discovered by Some joint photos.

But as the saying says, A nail takes another nail and that is exactly what Hande Erçel did when his courtship began with Hakan Sabanci.

The rumors that Hande Erçel already knew Hakan’s mother were not enough to confirm their relationship, but a fleeting statement after landing at the Istanbul airport confirmed what we all feared: < Strong>-Do you are serious? To which the couple answered in unison: -“Exactly.”

Hande Erçel towards Lapia to seal his love with Hakan Sabanci

And after this resounding statement, On March 9 the couple towards Finland to seal their love under the northern dawn. Thus it sounds very fantasy, but you have to do with the image that Hakan himself has uploaded to his IG stories.

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In the Story you can see The couple back under a precious northern dawn. Usually the couples in love who visit Laponia do so with the intention of Formalize their hand request under one of these impressive northern lights so take your own conclusions. Of course, the image uploaded by Hakan Was not shared by Hande Erçel who has chosen to depart from social networks during this trip from lovers.

Is this the definitive relationship for Hande Erçel? Can this image Confirm a wedding ? Will we see Hande Erçel on the altar ? Well look, we don’t know but what we can tell you is that a couple does not move until Finland just to see the northern lights. There is good commitment.

Live the Noviooooos.

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