Today, Turkish actors are passionate both in the chapters of the series in which they participate and in their respective lives. Seeing this face we have remembered that, many years later, he ended up stealing the heart of the protagonist of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’. Who guess who is that little girl who older was Can Yaman’s love?

When we look at photos of the past of our idols, it is hard for us to recognize them. There is nothing more to see the images that we show you some time ago by Can Yaman as a young man: it was hard to discover the true identity of him, what yes? Well, today it is the Turn to a woman who has been in the past the love of Can Yaman and that of baby appeared:

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Do you fall in who is it? We give you more clues.

Can Yaman’s old love already had a passport at such a tender age

It turns out that this image is that of his passport, and we have asked ourselves: how did a baby have such a small passport? Let’s see, yes, that she could be traveling since she was born because her parents loved to do it, but it was not the case. The girl who fell in love with adult to Can Yaman Emigrated, along with her family, Germany. Then, when his parents divorced, he returned to Turkey. If this track is not enough, we give you the definitive one: she also just divorced.

In effect, the love of Can Yaman to which it is difficult to recognize baby is Demet Özdemir.

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The reason why that baby’s photo uploaded to his Instagram account

For you to get an idea, when Demet took that photo, Can Yaman, that Takes more than two years with her, had more or less this aspect:

Can Yaman a los tres añitos. Una monada.

And why did Demet uploaded his passport photo to Instagram? Because on April 21 it was the National Day of Sovereignty and Childhood in Turkey, and numerous celebs of that country commemorated that day remembering how they were as little ones. We wonder if, Now that he has consummated his break with Oguzhan Koç, continues to think of Can Yaman as what could have been and was not. Can you imagine being a couple again?

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