Has been circulating a theory about the relationship between Hande Erçel and her boyfriend to whom we had not paid much attention until now. With recent events, everything begins to make sense. We tell you.

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The courtship of the protagonist of Iki Yabanci has two faces: one, public, in which despite some uncomfortable moments their love relationship continues; Another, private, marked above all by The tense relationship between her and her mother -in -law, Arzu. They echo some media of Turkey, and the truth is that it has a certain base. We have already told you … separately: now, let’s fit the pieces.

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First part of Hande Erçel’s theory and her boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci: friction with the political family

Although The most popular has been the last, by public and obvious, has not been the only one. We go first to the most recent: Arzu Sabanci presents himself as a jury to a awards ceremony to which his daughter -in -law was nominated and said prize will stop at the hands of his rival (also in love, although in the past: Serenay Sarikaya). Before, we had known that they had denied them the use of the family’s private jet, something that, apparently, marked a before and after in the couple’s relationship.

In other words: with their more and less, Hande and his boy are happy and in love, But she can no longer with his parents, who are the typical rich than when when They come with normal people seem to have smelled a fart, with forgiveness.

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Let’s go with the second part.

Second part: the hidden ring

We have told you more recently that they had committed to this detail that Hande insists on hiding:

The engagement ring was removed and kept in a pocket. When asked, he said it was a lipstick. But no matter how much we examine the photo in a thousand ways, That is a ring, put on how they are put. therefore …

This is the theory: they have married in secret

Since Arzu does not get along with his son’s girlfriend and does not seem that this will change, and seeing this that Runs a high risk of losing the love of his life if the moment, the theory that circulates on Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci in some Turkish media is that: that they would have married in secret and, probably, in some of their trips. Does it make sense to you? Because for us more and more, really …

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