In bikini and doing topless we caught last summer to Nona Sobo the protagonist of ‘Internets’ in Ibiza.

Nona Sobo goes like a shot. After A tremendous season closure The third season of ‘Interiías’ that is being held during these first months of the year.

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In addition Nona and the entire ‘interviews’ team is in luck since the first season of the More views of the entire streaming chain catalog.

Nona Sobo de Vacation in Ibiza

It is not surprising that Nona after last year’s hard work decided to escape a few days to rest to Ibiza, island that loves and Who escapes whenever she has occasion.

Nona Sobo en Topless
Photo ©2022 74/Lagencia Press
EXCLUSIVE Nona Sobo vacaciones en Ibiza

Nona Has a body worked based on discipline and dance, one of his favorite hobbies and who resorts as long as he has occasion.

On this occasion Nona Was not accompanied by her boyfriend businessman Carlos Uraga, travel companion and adventures. Would she have other things to do? Well, surely but nothing happens, because it is good for the couple’s health to have some time for oneself.

After a little bath in the crystalline waters of the cove in which Nona had decided .

Always accompanied by Bambi, her best friend and without looking away from her mobile, Nona Spent a most relaxed day in topless and recharging batteries for the filming of the third season of ‘Interiors ‘That from here we are already looking forward to it.

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