In the absence of contestants ‘of weight’, many people begin to consider on Twitter who are the strangers who are going to the island this year.

All contestants have already moved to Honduras where ‘Survivors’ will start, one of the Telecinco crown jewels that we do not know very well why, he has opted for some players that seem to Not Know anyone.

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The first to consider what is happening with ‘Survivors’ has been ‘The Comidista’ Mikel López Iturriaga who with this accurate tweet has made clear what many people think about the contest:

And comments to Mikel’s post have not been waiting, from those who do not know anyone to those who amend the flat to Mikel getting to call ‘few fewFOLWERS’

There are also those who find another utility for these lords dressed in red:

Or who does not find out anything:

Or the one that becomes exquisite and wants more level as in U.K:

What was said, that all thread is to read and enjoy while ‘Survivors 2023’ starts that it seems that it was planned for March 2 but has moved on the grill so as not to have to face ‘Prime Time’ To the Copa del Rey between Real Madrid and Barça.

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