All these days waiting for confirmation and it turns out that no, that Enyin Akyürek is not Demet Özdemir’s new boyfriend. But in exchange for this little disappointment we bring you all that is, according to the country’s media, starting a relationship with the former Can Yaman.

Fans de Demet Özdemir y Engin Akyürek
Pues lo dicho: ni Enyin ni Enyon. Es otro.

Still in shock because of their almost unexpected marriage and their very fast divorce, the actress’s fans were very clear that there should be a weight of weight to break that abrupt way. One can get tired of certain habits of your husband or your wife, but in such a little time? There could only be one reason, right? Exact: another man (or another woman). But We all pointed to Enyin Akyürek as Demet Özdemir’s new boyfriend and it turns out that there was no cover.

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Handsome, brunette and is not a ‘celebrity’: this is the new boyfriend of Demet Özdemir

The protagonist of Dreaming bird has tired of celebrities, because it is not very frequent that in that world a celebration be paired with an (almost) unknown. Let’s see, he is not completely unknown: what happens is that his work is known more than his face. Well, and because Demet is not exactly the first actress who falls in her arms. Let’s start by name. Grab it, because we are going to listen more times: Umut evirgen.

Umut is Chamber director and operator. is also a beautiful brunette with a lot of style. He is 33 years old and a rollazo as well as between intellectual and bohemian we love.

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Ojito who is your ex -girlfriend

Well, here comes another news. Umut’s love list is almost endless, and has come out with not a few actresses (cinema and TV are its medium). Among them, a name that will be especially known: Serenay Sarikaya.

Yes, friends. Kerem Bürsin’s ex is also from Umut, with whom he apparently came out about a year, until the past fall. Well, now it has become Demet’s romantic interest. How long will it last? Time to time.

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