We have fresh news! We have met Kerem Bürsin’s next couple in one of the projects he has in hand. He is beautiful, brunette, with dark eyes and delicate features, and reminds us (very much) to Hande Erçel. Is Kerem’s current relationship with Mehtap Algül?

Los protagonistas de 'Love is in the air' juntos en Italia
¿Lograrán la misma química que hubo entre Kerem y Hande?

Let’s go in parts. First and very important, the prota of Love is in the air has a new romantic series underway! I don’t know about you, but in the Writing we are putting candles to the Saint of the Dizis so that the project is already in the air. The second, we have enough information about it and, above all, we know who is Kerem Bürsin’s next couple in fiction! And of course, the first thing that has caught our attention is its tremendous resemblance to Hande Erçel. Look:

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What we know of the new Kerem Bürsin project

Kerem, which as we have told you recently has become the image of Turkish Airlines, has pending Bi’tuhaf hikaye, action series with which he returns to the scene. But on this return to work We have a plus that we did not know … until now: a new romantic series.

He has already met with his Partenaire by mandate of the producer, ay yapim, and Have held the first meetings. Apparently superb and Kerem have fallen has given her approval to her her girlfriend’s next girlfriend … in fiction, it is understood. Although, seen his resemblance to Hande Erçel, It is not ruled out that the spark of love pages between them …

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Furt the name of Kerem Bürsin’s next couple: Hafsanur Sancaktan

, already, it is not easy, but it is convenient for you to learn because, from now on, we will listen to it a lot, you will see it.

Beautiful, right? This actress still has a relatively short professional career, but not for that reason. Hafsanur omened with Gülperi, series in which he participated in 20 of his 30 episodes. Also Has worked together with Demet Özdemir in the Disney Plus Main cast. Darmaduman follows a group of Young people who pass from the Institute to the University and the world of adults.

Much younger than kerem

Hafsanur, Kerem Bürsin’s next couple, is Almost thirteen younger years than him: while the redhead will soon turn 36 years, she has just bruit 23 candles at all.

Por escenas como ésta, Love is in the ai, censurada
Mucho tienen que trabajar para competir con esto.

The Doubts with the age difference dissipated as soon as they both did a couple of tests to see how they fit and the chemistry they gave off. And it must be brutal, because, for what has come to us since that country, it was immediately decided that Hafsanur would become Kerem’s romantic interest. Well, nothing, Dizilovers: that we already have in chapel a new Love is in the air. Live and Bravo!

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