The Spanish actor of ‘Sky Red’, Miguel Ángel Silvestre has managed to avoid robbery in the center of Madrid. We tell you.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a well -known Spanish actor, has recently been news for his Brave performance in the city of Madrid. Last Saturday, the actor was in a luxury store when an armed thief entered the premises and Began to threaten customers and employees.

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According to witnesses, the thief Demanded the money of the cash register and began collecting watches and shelves. At that time, Miguel Ángel Silvestre decided to intervene and confront the thief.

The actor, who was in the Store buying a gift for his mother , pounced on The thief and managed to reduce it on the ground. After a brief fight, Managed to disarm it and retain it until the police arrived.

Thanks to the rapid performance of the actor, The police could stop the thief and recover stolen objects. In addition, the clients and employees of the Store were unharmed from the incident.

The news has been very commented on social networks, where many users have praised the Courage of Miguel Ángel Silvestre and his protective instinct towards others. Some have even compared his performance with that of A true hero.

However, the Actor has subtracted importance to his performance and has claimed that he simply acted by the instinct of protecting the people who were in the store. “Was very fast. I just tried to do the right thing and protect people ”, he said in an interview.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre has thus become An example of courage and civic commitment, demonstrating that in emergency situations, solidarity and value can make a difference. In addition, his performance has been a Civic and responsibility lesson for all, demonstrating that each of us has the potential to be a hero in our day to day.

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