fotograma de Actriz, donde vemos a Pinar Deniz tomando una foto y ella está manchada de sangre
Pero ¿dónde la habías metido, Pinar?

We love Gamze Erçel, let’s see. Not only because he competes in beauty with his sister Hande, but because he is lovely. But Pinar Deniz’s sister has made her appearance in Turkish public life and we have been fascinated with her face, appearance and their whole. It is a beautiful thing that promises to do the competition to Pinar!

While Pinar counts the days left to release Actress, his Tarantinian style series, in Disney Plus, it turns out that a small revolution was being cooking in the family. Pinar Deniz’s sister has been discovered by the general public in Turkey and the reactions are astonished. Discover the girl who will shade her Sister and all world Celeb current.

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But who is Pinar Deniz’s sister and what does he do?

By parts. You already know that many of the Turkish actors and actresses show us before or after part of their family. Well, Pinar Deniz’s sister, Huri, has just begun to be known outside her group of followers on Instagram and Has bled the mill. We previously knew Gamze Erçel and even Kerem Bürsin’s sister, Melis. But with the arrival of Huri to the panorama Celebrity we have fallen a little WTF. Because Where was this girl hidden and what is she dedicated?

Well, to start you will surprise you that Huri is the oldest of the five brothers who form the Deniz family, and also A microinflux that is dedicated to the Vintage fashion sale on its Huri Nin Bavulu website. But this entrepreneur also Has a fashionable coffee, Age 29. /p>

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Where do you throw it?

What we have very clear is that Huri Must put hours to the Gym, because it is not only beautiful, but has An ultratonified body. so we only have Ask us where everything you eat, because my mother, not for!

Does not take advantage of Pinar’s fame

Another thing that we love about Huri is that at all he takes advantage of the fame of his successful sister, who has about two and a half million followers on his social networks, while She follows little more than 14,000. that is not bad, but nothing to do. Well, Huri: Welcome to the celebrity world and triumphs in everything you propose.

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