Last week Marta Riesco and Cristina Porta had a encounter covering a live event. We tell you what happened.

The brutal encounter among Antonio David Flores’s girlfriend and Cristina Porta was broadcast live by Save Bad taste.

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After this ugly moment in which Marta Riesco even asked Cristina Porta on what opinion would The new chain director about this event , the audience was divided. On the one hand were the Applauded the attitude of Cristina Porta among which were the collaborators of the ‘Save Me’ program and on the other the Defenders of Marta Riesco and her husband Antonio David Flores in networks.

Marta Riesco took off instagram stories.

Once at home and after learning that Mediaset had decided to admonish her forbidding him directly, Marta Riesco wanted to make clear his vision of what had happened with a series of stories in which he like a mountain Russian Went from crying to rage minute by minute.

In a post, Marta Riesco said: “I am with an anxiety attack again. As you know 48 hours ago the same ones that Harassed work until I took my psychiatric laughing at me , causing me and making my life impossible as they already did to me. ” After this statement they came more, but this was when Marta went from crying to hatred with these words: “48 hours ago I went to make a report one day, that I didn’t even have to work because I had illusion, and when I arrived they put myself next to the side of the ‘Save Me’ program. Program I have Terror and panic for everything they have done to me. ”

The reason why Marta Riesco exploded

And here Marta tells why her aggressive attitude against Cristina Porta: “This girl (Cristina Porta) began with the editor to Increparme and ask me questions about my partner and questions To get me out of the . And in the end, then I entered and I got angry how you saw and I told them that, please stop harassing me as they had already done to me and that What did Borja thought of all this . Then the collaborators pulled this and told me that I was crazy. ”

After all this altercation and after Mediaset’s decision to withdraw Marta Riesco from the directs, Twitter has been filled with memes and comments on this brawl under the hashtag #MartariesCofueradelatv and #Hacandofotocopias and from which we collect the best , yes, go for popcorn, because the thing is going to get more and more tense as you read. Warned.

The memes and better comments of #MartariesCofueRadelatv

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