Arancha Morales is on the point of giving birth and thus says goodbye to Telecinco news that presents.

Arancha Morales and Jorge Marron form one of the most beautiful couples on television. He one of the primal collaborators of ‘El Hormiguero’ of Antena 3 and her, the presenter of the morning news of Telecinco.

Arancha Morales la novia de Marron va a ser mamá

They are handsome, nice and Loved by the audience but the time for farewells has come, specifically Aracha Morales will be a separated season of television dedicating themselves to more serious things since Is going to be a mother of a child next to the screenwriter and collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ and notice that Did not notice behind the table , but yes . Arancha was very pregnant and enters the final stretch.

Thus so that today Arancha has announced that Tomorrow, February 9 will be his last day presenting the morning news before giving birth.

Arancha in his Instagram post thus communicated his situation:

“This enters the final stretch … So tomorrow we will see each other for the last time in a season …
This photo is for all those who keep telling me that on TV you do not notice that I am pregnant … from Then, what covers the news table !! (With the help of @Mayris, looking for my comfort in the styles. Thank you)
And thank you all for your good wishes for the adventure we are about to start
See you tomorrow!
Photo of my partner in crime @leticiaiglesiasg

#Lovemyjob #TV #Bord #Grateful #Agrade “

Brown health problems

Behind the scare was left who hit us brown, Aracha’s boyfriend and collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ last summer in which we could see him admitted to a couple of hospitals in Almería and that we He communicated like this:

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