The filming is over and only in Crush.News we have how the final scene that closes ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman was filmed.

Can Yaman is already free. Freed, loose, in the wild, asshered and a thousand more adjectives that you can find to qualify a Turkish actor resident in Italy who has been in Hungary for 6 months rolling one of the largest series that have ever done for Disney+ Turkey. >

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Filming has been very demanding, so much that on several occasions we have found a sad can Yaman and on the edge of exhaustion, which has worried us a lot. But it seems that all hardships, and the isolation in their hotel will be worth it because even social networks are beginning to reach all Images that had not been shown during A hermetic filming In which no one uploaded a single photo so as not to breach the confidentiality contract.

It seems that once the filming is finished the actors and the technical team of the Series are already sharing material and all in the fandom we are grateful.

First filtered images of the filming of ‘El Turco’

We have been able to see for the first time photos of Can Yaman with its filming partner the Greta Ferro model who, with this photo, seems to have broken The curse for which there was not a single image of them two together in the Set.

Thus the final scene of ‘El Turco’ was shot

And if yesterday we showed you the entire ‘El Turco’ team Providing with champagne for the end of filming , today we bring you a document that why not say it, puts us a knot in the Stomach: the filming of the last scene of ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman.

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In the Video recorded by a component of the technical team you can see how the director of the Series for the last time the button ‘rec’ in the camera than of Noche focuses on a path through which We assume that the next thing that will appear will be Can Yaman mounted on horseback . Nervousness is palpated in the environment since they are the minutes prior to the closure of a work that has been extended during 6 hard months in Budapest and that has taken everyone to the interpretive, physical and personal limit. /p>

Can Yaman returns to Italy

And according to these images in which we see Can Yaman smiling, the return to Italy is imminent. There awaits the start of a solidarity initiative that will make our actor out ‘on tour’ to help sick children with Donations who will partly go to those affected by the earthquake of Turkey and after this, the filming of the second season of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ for which the entire technical team is profiling the last details.

With this final scene of ‘The Turk’ by Can Yaman, A period is closed that will be fundamental in the actor’s life and that will position him as one of the actors to take into account Not only in the Turkish/Italian series, but a world

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