Finally: Hande Erçel Rueda Iki Yabanci with Burak Deniz. After the actor told us how the preparations were going, the recording has already given the starting gun and the best of all is that we know when the first three chapters will be ready for issuing. Yuju!

Last Sunday we echoed the statements of Burak Deniz about how Iki Yabanci (two strangers). The actor explained to the media that they were already involved in the trials and that everything went like silk. What we did not imagine was that, While these statements came to light, “Action!” Had already shouted. indeed, Hande Ercel Rueda Iki Yabanci with Deniz since April 27. And we know more things …

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Hande Erçel subiendo unas escaleras con un vestido negro de lunares blancos
Se acabaron los viajes: ¡toca currar!

The argument

The most shocking thing is that some details are revealed that make us think that the series will be more rugged than it seems. As we have already mentioned, the two central characters of Iki Yabanci are Leyla, a prosecutor who investigates a series of chain murders, committed by the same person, And Kenan, a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Junto a Burak y Hande hay un gran elenco de secundarios.

This gives us a few clues where the course will go. Is Kenan the culprit or just a false suspect? And most importantly, will Layla rendered in her arms? Will they fall in love with each other? Are opened a thousand possible plots, but for the moment it is no longer known. What we do know is the date of the first chapters.

While Hande Erçel Rueda Iki Yabanci with Deniz, dates of the first chapters are filtered

Birsen Altuntas, the journalist overcomes in the Turkish television world, has advanced both the starting date of filming (April 27) and the Filming of the first three episodes, which will have been completed in June.

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Hande Erçel y Burak Deniz besándose
Hande y Burak ya coincidieron en ‘Hayat: amor sin palabras’.

This gives a new perspective to the premiere because, although it was planned to be released at the end of the year, Everything points that, with those three finished chapters, and after passing through postproduction, it could start emitting Beginnings of autumn; Meanwhile, Burak and Hande would have continued rolling. The idea is to work in parallel in filming and postproduction.

Disney awaits you

We imagine that there is a certain hurry to finish this filming because Your project with Disney is awaited, in which it will give life to a siren and that you will surely take more preparation time in every way in every way . It is what she has to be one of the most demanded actresses: that the projects are piled up. Hakan won’t see your hair!

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