Can Yaman’s last series is a point to finish and that is why we have put ourselves crazy when we even have arrived the last scenes of the filming of ‘El Turco’

Disney+ is working at full speed to fulfill the Self -imposed term to end ‘the Turk’ . Everything has to have ended At the end of the month and for this only 10 days of filming are left as the Croatian actor and partner of Can Yaman progress in the Slavko Sobin series. P>

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On the way to the set of filming and Crossing the Danube river on the way to Korda studies, Slavko announces in its stories that are left only 10 days to finish filming.

In this other scene we can see him playing with another of the actresses who work in ‘El Turco’, Madalena Aragao who also says goodbye to the filming in his IG account.

Latest scenes of ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman

If we told you yesterday the hard contract for exclusivity and confidentiality that the actors had to sign so that no detail of the series was filtered, today These images that would demonstrate that although they have not been The actors themselves, who have leaked the images, Someone in the technical team has escaped him and coincidentally Can see Can Yaman rolling the latest scenes of ‘El Turco’ up to his horse.

With a icy morning temperature of 1 degree Centrigrade , Can Yaman prepares to shoot One of his latest scenes . Everything is prepared, the drone that will take the aerial scene, the path on which he will lose galloping with his horse and all the team willing to roll the last shot so that everything goes well.

A scene that is u N Pasito more for the end of ‘El Turco’ Balabán and that if you think about it, it makes the series every time Be closer of appear on our screens.

Can Yaman continues to raise funds

Meanwhile Can Yaman continues Turkish television live and whose links we leave in this link.

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