Violeta Mangriñán expresses his anguish after the scare he has suffered at the last minute in his house in Valencia and that he wants to leave as soon as possible.

The influencer is lately Overwhelmed with the theme of its new home, since in September it will move to its new floor in Madrid with Fabio . >

Violet or weekends. “We are talking a lot these days on the subject and considering many options for September” , he said through his social networks.

Last minute scare to Violeta Mangriñan.

One of the reasons that are motivating the influencer to move to Madrid is the constant discomfort of a neighbor to the former Survivors contestant .

This is A neighbor who is dedicated to calling the Civil Guard saying that the alarm of his house has jumped to come. However, this woman gives the direction of Violeta’s house instead of her own, and so on three occasions. “I say that the Civil Guard is for serious and important issues, as well as to walk with jokes and waste their time a Sunday” . Tired of this repetitive joke, Violet does not get quiet: “You are not more silly because you can’t” .

Finally, Violeta releases a wink in relation to his sound return to Madrid: “When I go to Madrid in September this neighbor sticks a shot, entertainment is going to end, it must be very sad With the news of the move ”.

If the influencer was not very clear about returning to Madrid, it already has more reasons that promote it to build a new life in the capital.

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