What just happened is going to leave you speechless. Maneskin has replaced her bassist Victoria De Angelis in her performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

The Italian band is a pineapple. Its sound is not understood if one of the components is missing, so what happened yesterday on Jimmy Fallon’s show is unheard of and will surprise you.

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Has Maneskin fired Victoria? really?

Wait wait, let’s not go so fast. Maneskin were in the United States promoting their latest single ‘Supermodel’. That night they had to play at Jimmy Fallon’s late night but when the time came for the presentation someone other than Victoria came on stage. It was a man with a blond wig, tall, with the same bass as Victoria and who was ready to play the song ‘Supermodel’ as one of the band.

Effectively. As you may have noticed, it was Jimmy Fallon himself on bass, perfectly playing the band’s latest hit.

Mystery Solved, we now know why Maneskin replaces his bass player with Jimmy Fallon.

Apparently the gorgeous Victoria De Angelis was unwell that morning and she couldn’t even get out of bed. All the alarms went off and it was Damiano himself who called Jimmy to tell him that they needed a bass player for the night’s performance since Vic wasn’t feeling well. Without thinking for a second, Jimmy Fallon volunteered and hey, the result is what we just showed you. Not so bad!

For Victoria’s part, she uploaded a photo to Instagram in which you could see that she did not have a good face with the message: “I woke up like tired”

Of course, of Damiano David’s injury that was done during a soccer game, there was no trace. That’s good news, something is something.

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From MyCrushNews we want to send good vibes to Victoria and wish her a speedy recovery because although Jimmy does very well and the blonde wig looks great on him, like Victoria on bass, there is no one.

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