Things begin with bad foot for Blanca Paloma: an impediment and changes of last minute overal

There is less than a week for the grand final of Eurovision 2023 and the Eurodramas of last minute in the performance of Blanca Paloma are beginning to emerge.

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After the issuance of our representative’s second essay, we have been able to see a fragment of the performance of Blanca Paloma as a trailer of what the next world will see the next May 13. and that is surprisingly some changes since we saw her act in the Benidorm Fest that they have not done anything to fans.

The most colorful change in acting is the Zenith plane , which have replaced it with a chopped one. Due to the limitations of the Spiderm, you can see the fringes of the semicircular structures instead of leaving the clean focus.

The Javier Page sets have explained the problem through its profile and has proposed an alternative to improve this plane.

José Pablo Polo , producer of Eaea, explained the drama of the zenith and how it has been solved, pointing out that this plane was discarded since the first time proposed due to the Little height from the ceiling of the Liverpool stage, and that is why the Spider -bar alternative was chosen, which has a more Diagonal approach And look for the next light to which Blanca Paloma goes. He has also explained that they would have liked to close the plane more, but that the “does not give for more” camera.

Eurofans reaction to the last minute change of Blanca Paloma

The publication of 30 seconds on the performance of Blanca Paloma this Saturday has brought with him a barrage of Criticisms and complaints of the most faithful followers of the artist. P>

As it was seen coming, most of the comments on Twitter are complaining about the BBC and that thanks to it we have lost one of the key points of the performance. In spite of this, there are some who think that this little “failure” is an advantage, and that it is better than the original proposal.

let’s not lose hope!

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